Insourced Courier Operations – Service Support


Since the pandemic began, insourced medical courier operations have been grappling with staff shortages and additional workloads that stretch courier operations thin and expose inefficiencies in homegrown, manual courier management procedures.

If you are managing your couriers internally, you may want to consider the following:

  • Backup and Contingency. Partner with a logistics company that can be your backup when your internal couriers call in sick, take a vacation, or you have an immediate need for more manpower (for rush or PPE distribution, for example). Make sure that your backup solution includes remote dispatch so that your courier workforce can continue to operate at a high level if your internal dispatchers are out of commission.

  • Technology Platform. Many insourced operations still work with paper manifests for routed/scheduled work, and note the delivery information with a Sharpie on a box. Industry best practices have shown that features such as track and trace, location scanning, GPS driver data, on-time performance, proof of delivery, picture uploads, client portals, etc. positively impact business efficiency, compliance, and service delivery.

We would be delighted to share our insights with you free of charge and explore such services with you. We provide various medical courier-focused services that improve quality, enhance performance, and reduce costs for outsourced courier operations. We also provide courier management & technology support services to insourced, customer-managed courier operations with a guaranteed ROI. We are here for you when you are ready.

I’ll continue sharing our medical courier operations thoughts and insights with you. Our previous practical tips pertaining to vaccine distribution can be viewed here.

Take care,

Oded Hadani
Chief Executive Officer
Healthcare Logistics Management