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Medical Specimens


Healthcare Logistics Management specializes in handling all biohazard specimens. We routinely work with the following material:​

Temperature-Controlled Deliveries

When it comes to medical and laboratory specimens, blood work, urine samples, biopsies, and infectious samples, proper handling is critical. Organ and tissue shipments, diagnostic tests, and infectious specimens are transported in climate-controlled equipment by certified drivers.

Drivers are equipped with coolers, ice packs, and dry ice to store and maintain the appropriate temperature in transit of lab specimens and biological product.

Our Certifications & Procedures
for hazardous materials

As medical couriers know, meticulous attention to detail is critical in the handling of biohazardous materials. Healthcare Logistics Management has an OSHA-compliant documented biohazard Exposure Control Plan and is fully HIPAA compliant. We ensure that all medical courier drivers receive frequent and regular training in OSHA biohazard procedures, including how to properly handle spills and other biohazard emergencies. Whether you need to transport medical specimens to a diagnostic laboratory or deliver biohazard materials to a research facility, you can trust Healthcare Logistics Management to ensure your items are transported with precision and care.