Local Courier Logistics

Local Courier Logistics

When you’ve got to get that critical specimen, document, parcel, large package, or pallet that needs to be delivered quickly, Healthcare Logistics Management has the solution to all Local Logistics. We’ve applied 30 years of courier and logistics experience to create an unparalleled service that guarantees quality performance, reliability, professionalism and friendly customer service with every one of our clients.

You can rest assured that it will get there on time and hassle-free. Local Logistics Service Solutions include:

Same Day Services

With on-demand 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, same-day and next-day rush services, courier delivery can definitely meet your needs

Hot Shot Services

If you’ve got a customer who can’t wait, we’ve got you covered. Hot Shot services provide a dedicated driver and truck for your special delivery – anywhere in the US or Canada.

Messenger Services

There are times when you need someone to “walk” your delivery through a signature or filing process. Messenger services might be your solution because it diligently secures signatures, pays filing fees, and returns completed documentation.

Route Services

If you regularly move documents, records, packages, mail, medical or laboratory specimens, or printed material, consider scheduled pick-up and delivery courier service. You pick the schedule. You will easily be accommodated for daily, weekly, or monthly pick-up and delivery – or anything in between.

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