We maximize the value of our service by assuring quality, measuring performance and reducing cost through optimization.

Enhancing the Well-Being of Patients

The Healthcare Logistics Management delivers a value proposition based on a simple formula. Our goal is to be your logistics partner and enhance the well-being of your patients.

We are medical courier experts specializing in the logistics management of medical specimens and supplies, medicines, medical instruments, pharmaceutical preparations, x-rays, medical documents and other time-critical medical product.

Our team of logistics experts, partners with IDNs to introduce technology, best practices, policies and procedures, that transform medical courier operations.

Healthcare Management

We design our system and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of our individual clients.

Healthcare Industry Services

We have deep insight and intelligence in multiple medical and service industry categories.

Medical Logistics Solutions

We are a concierge service for all your medical logistics needs!

Our unique temperature regulation process allows us to monitor the temperature of specimen in transit accurately and securely.

Our Solutions

Laboratory Specimens

We specialize in the proper handling of laboratory specimens, blood work, urine samples, biopsies, and infectious samples.

Medical Courier Driver Training

Medical Courier drivers receive quarterly training to ensure specimen integrity, biohazard control, safety with pharmaceuticals/controlled substances, and accordance with the latest HIPAA/patient confidentiality guidelines.

Convenient Reporting

Customers can run and view custom reports, save those reports for future use, and download their reports from our cloud-based database.


Over 20-years’ experience in temperature-controlled transportation, warehousing, and delivery of pharmaceutical products.

Technology Solutions

We offer a unique, streamlined customer portal that allows customers to easily view, change, and manage their orders in near-real time.

Custom Solutions

We partner with you to first identify your logistic need and then provide you with efficient logistic solutions tailored to those needs.


What is On-Demand Dispatch?

Our On-Demand dispatch software increases our efficiency with drag-and-drop dispatching and the industry’s most flexible rating engine. The software allows dispatchers to fully customize their dispatch board layouts to tailor the information to the way they work. Using a split-screen or dual monitors, dispatchers can see active orders and drivers on the same screen, allowing them to select the best delivery resource for each job. To help narrow those choices, the software uses advanced algorithms to provide intelligent dispatching that ranks available drivers based on the geographic locations of each order as well as current driver workloads.

Can I track my orders online?

Our software allows customers to place and track orders online. With our real-time tracking software, customers can view their order date, order type (STAT or scheduled), the delivery location, the status of the order, and the order and delivery time. Moreover, our software allows customers to print a waybill for STAT orders and save delivery addresses to an address book for quick and easy online ordering.

How can I access my reports?

Because our systems are built on state of the art SQL database infrastructure and we allow customers access to our cloud-based system, customers can access and query the database from anywhere via our secure portal. Through the portal, customers can run and view custom reports, save those reports for future use, and download those reports as comma delimited or excel files.

What is Next Flight Out?

Maintaining the integrity of your shipments and keeping the chain of custody intact is just as critical as the speed of delivery. With Next Flight Out (NFO), expedient shipping solution is what you get. Your package is picked up any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Our long-standing partnerships with all major airlines around the world give you access to the most optimal routes. This not only ensures your packages get on the next available flight without delay but that they also receive specialized handling as needed. Beyond this, each shipment is managed, monitored, and tracked individually. Healthcare Logistics Management has operations teams that remain in constant communication with all drivers and service partners until your package reaches the intended recipient, giving you real-time status information by phone, fax, email or text, so you have peace of mind knowing that the chain of custody is never compromised.

How do your custom solutions work?

Our Custom Delivery Solutions involve a three-step process designed to get your company running at peak efficiency. The best part? Our Custom Solutions are free of charge. Even if you’re a current customer, we’re more than happy to sit down with you to re-evaluate your situation on an as-needed basis. We’ll analyze your needs, match them to our resources to create a comprehensive recommendation for how to best use our services, and create a mutually agreed upon process for tackling those problem areas. We’re focused on creating the most cost-effective, mutually beneficial business relationships with every recommendation we make.

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